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About the Anklang project

Anklang is a digital audio synthesis application for live creation and composition of music and other audio material.

The project is a revamp of several former audio projects by its two main authors and aims to realize a coherent, solid amalgamation for composition and interactive creation of synthesis music.


The project can be built on Linux by cloning the repository and running make. However it is easier to download one of the self-contained AppImage release builds, mark it executable and run it.


☑ Implement the application core in C++20 and the GUI as a web front-end, utilizing web browsers or Electron

☑ Implement separate audio synthesis threads with MIDI device support

☑ Support third-party plugins via CLAP 🗩

☑ Pianoroll editing and ☐ MIDI note scripting

☑ Add clip launcher with ☐ play order configuration

☑ Add devices for synthesis: BlepSynth

☐ Add effects (and more devices): Chorus Delays Distortions LiquidSFZ Reverberation

☐ Add arranger for clips and (stereo) samples

☐ Add automation lanes with automation event recording

☐ Add mixer to adjust solo, mute, panning, volume per track

☐ Add mixer side chains or effect tracks

☐ Support third-party plugins via LV2

☐ Add standard audio library for various instrument types

☐ Implement a quality MIDI file importer with mappings into the audio library


This application including the audio engine are licensed under MPL-2.0.

However, plugins that can be used with this application or may be downloaded via extension packs, may fall under different licensing terms, such as GPLv3 or proprietary licenses.

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